Jul 26 – 31, 2023
Europe/Riga timezone

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7/26/23, 9:30 AM
Till Kamppeter (OpenPrinting/Canonical)
7/26/23, 11:00 AM
Application Development and Deployment
40 Minute Presentation

With the background of all modern printers being driverless IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) printers we are switching to an all-IPP printing architecture without classic printer drivers.

This changes also the needs of the GUI for setting up printers and for printing itself.

The GNOME Control Center...

Allan Day (Red Hat), Cassidy James Blaede (Endless OS Foundation), Mr Jakub Steiner (Red Hat), Tobias Bernard
7/26/23, 1:35 PM
Design of User and Developer Experiences
40 Minute Presentation

The GNOME design team talk about their work over the past year, their plans for the future, and the general state of GNOME user experience.

Carlos Garnacho (Red Hat), Florian Müllner, Georges Basile Stavracas Neto (Endless OS Foundation), Jonas Ådahl (Red Hat)
7/27/23, 3:05 PM
Application Development and Deployment
40 Minute Presentation

With GNOME 43 and 44 released, there is much to celebrate since last year. This session will go through the improvements done since last talk, and cover highlights and latest development plans in Mutter and GNOME Shell.

7/27/23, 3:50 PM
Robert McQueen (Endless OS Foundation)
7/28/23, 10:00 AM
Encourage New Contributors
40 Minute Presentation

Reaching new users with GNOME

7/28/23, 11:20 AM
7/28/23, 12:20 PM
7/28/23, 4:55 PM
Andy Holmes, Javad Rahmatzadeh, Sriram Ramkrishna
7/29/23, 10:00 AM
Design of User and Developer Experiences

Join GNOME developers, extension developers and users to discuss where we are with extensions and what we can improve as a community!

Abderrahim Kitouni, Emmanuele Bassi, Felipe Borges (Red Hat), Javier Jardón Cabezas, Jeremy Bícha (Canonical Ubuntu), Jordan Petridis, Matthias Clasen
7/29/23, 1:00 PM
Application Development and Deployment

This is a BoF for the release team to meet and discuss releng, tooling, release schedule, app incubation, etc...

Big Blue Button: BoF Rm 1
Venue: Rm 336

7/31/23, 10:00 AM