Jul 26 – 31, 2023
Europe/Riga timezone

How to add 16.67% more users and contributors: A guide to creating accessible applications.

Jul 27, 2023, 3:05 PM
40 Minute Presentation Design of User and Developer Experiences


Mr Aryan Kaushik Pooja Patel


The lack of accessibility to digital products and services has become a significant issue for individuals with visual impairment, limiting their access to everyday applications such as maps, online marketplaces, and mobile banking apps. Prioritizing accessibility in the development process can help break down these barriers and provide equal access to information and digital services. Ensuring accessibility to digital products can create a more equitable digital landscape and a more inclusive future for everyone. Every designer and developer can make this difference by following recommended accessibility guidelines. The role of designers and developers will be explored in this talk, along with practical tips and actionable steps to prioritize accessibility and inclusivity in the development process.

Author(s) Bio

Pooja Patel is a UX developer aspiring to democratize technology by making it more inclusive and accessible. She has been an intern in the Google Summer of Code 2022 program with the GNOME Foundation and was subsequently elected as a member of the Foundation. Pooja has given talks on the importance of user-centric designs at GUADEC and the GNOME Asia summit.

Aryan Kaushik is a sophomore pursuing Bachelor's in Technology with a major in Computer Science. He loves contributing to open source and mentoring people. He was a former GSoC’22 Intern Under GNOME Foundation, where he worked on the Pitivi project. He is also the Group Lead of the GNOME Users Group, Delhi-NCR, where he conducts events and mentor fellow students regarding FOSS.

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