Jul 26 – 31, 2023
Europe/Riga timezone

Local Transportation

Getting Around Riga

Public Transport within Riga

Public transport around the city is served by Rīgas Satiskme. Information about routes, maps, timetables, and tickets can be found on their website. Timetables can be found also on 3rd party sites and apps such as Google Maps and Citymapper.

Tickets can be bought:

  • Narvesen kiosks around the city, and Riga Airport, see map of locations at https://narvesen.lv/#vietas
  • At a stop with a ticket machine, however, not all stops have ticket machines. Riga Airport bus stop has a ticket machine.
  • Using Rīgas Satiksme mobile application (available on Android and iOS)

Available ticket types:

  • 90 minutes ticket for €1.50
  • 24 hours for €5
  • 3 days for €8
  • 5 days for €10
  • a month for €30

Every time a passenger boards a public transportation vehicle, they have to register their ticket. 

  • If using plastic cards for tickets then it needs to be done with the electronic validator inside the vehicle. In the vehicle, there are several validators designated for each door. Validator will emit a green light when successfully validating the ticket, otherwise red.
  • If using a mobile application for tickets then the QR code of the arriving vehicle needs to be scanned or a 5-digit registration code needs to be entered in the app. The vehicle identification number can be found outside and inside of the vehicle.

Some of the Riga neighborhoods are also served by train. See the train section for more information.


For taxis, there are several taxi companies, for example:

Transport outside Riga


Check the information on buses in Latvia, including timetables, journey times, routes, ticket prices, and other details at:

  • Official Riga International Bus Station Autoosta homepage.
  • Intercity/International Bus Schedules: 1188.lv.

Tickets for domestic and international routes may be bought at the following places:

  • At ticket desks at the bus station.
  • Last minute from the bus driver, although you may find that there are no seats available.
  • At the ticket sales terminal or ticket machine at Riga International Bus Station which operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Online at Bezrindas.lv but note they add a small commission fee

The ticket will display the journey number, time and place of departure, and seat number. A paper or online ticket should be presented to the driver or inspector, if any, and so it should be kept until the end of the trip.


Train is operated by Pasažieru Vilciens (PV). You can take a train to travel to places like Jūrmala, Sigulda, Cēsis, Liepāja, Jelgava, and more, and to get to some of the neighborhoods in Riga.

Timetables are available at:

Tickets can be bought at:

  • Station ticket offices.
  • From the onboard conductor on the train if the station ticket office is closed or if that particular station lacks a ticket office.
  • Online on the PV website. Tickets bought online have a 5% discount.
  • Online at Bezrindas.lv but note they add a small commission fee

After onboarding tickets must be shown to conductors or ticket inspectors. Tickets must be maintained up until the end of the journey.