Jul 26 – 31, 2023
Europe/Riga timezone

Using Cloud VMs as your Personal Computer ft. GNOME

Jul 28, 2023, 1:55 PM
25 Minute Presentation Use of GNOME by Users


Hrittik Roy


In this talk, we will explore the use of cloud VMs as a personal computer and how cloud VMs can provide improved performance and accessibility, making them an ideal choice for remote work and collaborations.

The talk will also highlight how cloud VMs can be particularly beneficial for new contributors looking to get started with open-source development. With a cloud VM, they can easily set up and configure their development environment without worrying about hardware limitations or compatibility issues.

Lastly, we will discuss how using a GUI like GNOME on a cloud VM can help users access GUI applications and make their work more efficient. By leveraging GNOME's built-in tools, users can seamlessly switch between local and remote workspaces, making cloud-based development a seamless experience.

Overall, this talk will showcase the advantages of using cloud VMs with GNOME and how they can enhance the user experience and developer onboarding.

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Hrittik is currently a pre-final undergrad and a CNCF Ambassador who has previously worked at various startups helping them scale their content efforts. He loves diving deep into distributed systems, fostering his local community and creating articles on them and has spoken at conferences such as Azure Cloud Summit, UbuCon Asia, and Kubernetes Community Days - Lagos and Chennai among others! His best days are when he finds ways to create impact in the communities he’s a part of either by code, content, or mentorship!

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