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BoF: GNOME Radio 16 on GNOME 42

Jul 24, 2022, 1:00 PM
Samsung Room: Remote

Samsung Room: Remote

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Ole Aamot


GNOME Radio 16 on GNOME 42

What is GNOME Radio 16?

GNOME Internet Radio Locator 16 for GNOME 42 is a Free
Software program that allows you to easily locate Free Internet
Radio stations by broadcasters on the Internet with the help of
map and text search.

GNOME Radio 16 for GNOME 42 is developed on the GNOME 42
desktop platform with GNOME Maps, GeoClue, libchamplain and
geocode-lib and it requires at least GTK+ 3.0 and GStreamer 1.0
for audio playback.

Author(s) Bio

Ole Aamot is a GTK+/GNOME developer with 27 years experience in Unix system administration and programming on GNU/Linux systems such as Debian GNU/Linux, Fedora and Ubuntu. Free Software supporter since 1998 and maintainer of GNOME Internet Radio Locator since 2002, GNOME Gingerblue since 2018 and GNOME Radio since 2019. Voting member of The GNOME Foundation since June 23, 2015. Wrote a Bachelor of Science thesis in Electrical Engineering (30 credits, 2020) on GNOME Radio at Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway. Working on the Multiple-Location Audio Recording (MLAR) file formats in GNOME Gingerblue as part of a Bachelor of Science thesis in Electrical Engineering, Informatics and Technology (30 credits, 2022) at University of Oslo, Norway in 2024.

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