Jul 20 – 25, 2022
Guadalajara Connectory
US/Central timezone


Jul 20, 2022, 9:45 AM
Samsung Room: Remote

Samsung Room: Remote

Remote 40 Minute Presentation Application Development and Deployment


Benjamin Otte


With these new buzzwords like "high dynamic range", "color management", "high bit depth", "nits", "color spaces", "wide gamut", "tone mapping" and more being talked about and printed onto monitors, it seems a good time somebody explained them.
Especially because there is an ongoing project to bring all these things to mutter, GTK, and the rest of the platform and you might want to use these features.

And if you think so too and don't want to spend lots of time reading up on Wikipedia and Gitlab issues yourself, this talk will present an overview of what all those concepts mean and how they tie together, then go over what has been happening to support them in GNOME for users and developers to make use of those features and enjoy the full spectrum of colors that modern monitors offer.

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Benjamin Otte is a Red Hat developer who spent the last years working on the GTK toolkit getting GTK4 done. He is convinced IRC is the best chat tool, C the best programming language, Factorio the best computer game and 3M's Aura the best face mask.

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