Jul 20 – 25, 2022
Guadalajara Connectory
US/Central timezone

Streaming GNOME from GNOME for GNOME

Jul 21, 2022, 9:00 AM
Bosch Auditorium: Remote

Bosch Auditorium: Remote

Remote 25 Minute Presentation Community Building and Diversity


For the past 3 years, GNOME contributors have been streaming on various platforms. Viewers can now witness the creation of new features in real time, learn how a software release is done, how a bug is fixed, and so much more. Engagement with the community is branching into a new field, reaching new and bigger audiences. What caused this revolution? Let's revisit history and see what happened in these years that empowered community members to stream, how the tooling is improving, how it impacted the community engagement, and some unscientific predictions of the future of streaming within GNOME.

Author(s) Bio

Georges Stavracas contributes to GNOME, plays music, and streams for fun

Pronouns He / Him

Primary author

Georges Basile Stavracas Neto (Endless OS Foundation)

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