Jul 20 – 25, 2022
Guadalajara Connectory
US/Central timezone

Integrating Progressive Web Apps in GNOME

Jul 20, 2022, 9:01 AM
Samsung Room

Samsung Room

40 Minute Presentation Application Development and Deployment


The GNOME Foundation funded me to work a project starting in November 2021 to make Progressive Web Apps first-class citizens in the GNOME desktop environment. Progressive Web Apps are essentially websites which make use of web standards to enable them to look and feel more like native apps: they can be installed like native apps, used without the usual browser chrome such as the address bar, and they can support some or all of their functionality offline. My project has consisted of working on a new portal to allow Flatpak'd web browsers to install web apps without adding sandbox holes, adding back support for web apps to GNOME Software, and revamping the web app support in GNOME Web. This presentation will cover the project and hopefully get you excited about PWAs on linux desktops!

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Phaedrus has been using desktop linux for twelve years and contributing to it for six. He has worked at Red Hat and Endless OS Foundation and is one of the primary maintainers of Flatpak.

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