Jul 22 – 28, 2020 Online Event
UTC timezone

Accessibility at GUADEC


GUADEC, much like GNOME, is for everyone. To create a more inclusive and accessible GUADEC, we are providing live captioning for all talks.

To access the talks with captioning please use the following links:

Track One (captioned): https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=GUADECTrack1

Track Two (captioned): https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=GUADECTrack2

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please contact guadec@gnome.org

Day One, July 22, Captions

Opening and Welcome with Neil McGovern

Track 1

Power Management Infrastructure in GNOME and Contemporary Developments with Aditya Manglik

GNOME OS on Real Hardware with Valentin David

I Spy with my Little iNaturalist: Open Data, Stalkerware, and Citizen Science with Dr. Kit Heintzman

Archaeology of Accessibility with Emmanuele Bassi

Port your Widgets to GTK 4 with Matthias Clasen

Flooding the Desktop with Learning Tools with Martín Abente Lahaye


Track 2

Communication Hacks: Strategies for fostering collaboration and dealing with conflict in open source communities with Nuritzi Sanchez

Building community metrics for GNOME and everyone with Sriram Ramkrishna and Georg Link

How to Build an Open Community with Regina Nkemchor Adejo

Remember What it's Like to be New to GNOME with Melissa Wu

Introducing Principles of Digital Autonomy with Karen Sandler and Molly de Blanc

GSOC and Outreachy Program with Daniel Garcia Moreno

Day Two, July 23, Captions

Track 1

Parental controls in GNOME with Philip Withnall

Systemd and resource management in GNOME with Benjamin Berg

Move Fast and Break Everything: Testing major changes to a core component of GNOME with Sam Thursfield

How can I make my project more environmentally friendly? with Philip Withnall

PortingGNOME-shell's styles to Rust with Federico Mena Quintero

Bringing your favorite GNOME desktop app back from the dead with Jean-François Fortin Tam


Track 2

GNOME and University Outreach with Gaurav Agrawal and Saloni Garg

Freelancing with Free Software with Ryan Gorley

Making GNOME Release Videos: Leveraging GNOME's modern UX in production with Christopher Rogers 

Let's Have Great Meetings! with Deb Nicholson

A Year of Strategic Initiatives at GNOME with Molly de Blanc and Melissa Wu

Day Three, July 24, Captions

Track 1

Spice Up Your App with 3D with Alexander Larsson

State of the Shell with Carlos Garnacho, Florian Müllner, Georges Basile Stavracas Neto, Jonas Dreßler, and Jonas Ådahl

Tracker: The future is present with Carlos Garnacho and Sam Thursfield

A Better Extensions Experience - Extensions Rebooted with Sriram Ramkrishna


Track 2

Meet the Debian Community Team with Jean-Philippe Mengual and Molly de Blanc

GNOME and Buildstream, two (three?) years later with Abderrahim Kitouni

Almond: An Open, Programmable Virtual Assistant with Giovanni Campagna

Talent and Skills Focused on FOSS Projects; an option for professional growth with Manuel Haro