Jul 22 – 28, 2020 Online Event
UTC timezone

Create Interfaces with GTK+ for embedded system products

Jul 25, 2020, 6:45 PM
50 Minute Presentation Use of GNOME Technologies Outside of the Desktop


Mr Jesus Palomo


Year upon year, Mexico accelerate his own Embedded Systems industry delivered and making solution for entrepreneurs, business, and corporations. These companies from diverse markets are looking for developers that works in implementations and solutions about User Interface on his products following the main idea of offers new features and performance to customers. These efforts focus in a competitive global market another advantage of this is to have an internal suppliers for his requirements.

This abstract offers a tech talk about develop user interface with GOME GTK tools. I will touch in base of my experience different points and share my knowledge about Embedded Systems Products. I believe that is important to build a strong community for develop new business and opportunities in the region.

This tech talk focus in how the user can implement the GTK libraries offered by GNOME for Linux Embedded Systems based on ARM processor and developed User Interface using C language and GTK.

1. Mexican Market (10 min )
1.1. Examples Embedded devices.
1.2. Life Cycle Product.
1.3. Graphical requirements.
2. How to choose the correct path (15 min)
2.1. Serial Displays, Graphical Displays and Embedded Displays.
2.2. Linux vs Android (Customization).
2.3 On-Board Options Raspberry, ARM SoM, IoT Platforms.
3. GTK and C language tool chain. ( 20 min)
3.1. GTK Libraries (Technical content)
3.2 Glade (Technical content)
3.3. Cross Compilation (Technical content)
4. Conclusion and Q&A (5 min )

Level of Difficulty Intermediate

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