Jul 22 – 28, 2020 Online Event
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Talent and Skills focused on FOSS Projects; an option for professional growth

Jul 24, 2020, 7:45 PM
25 Minute Presentation Community Building and Diversity


Mr Manuel Haro (Laboratorio de Software Libre)


Although the current generation is historic for its talent, creativity and disruptive level of collaboration, the professional scenario they face is exceedingly complex.

On the one hand, the notable delay regarding the teaching of open technologies from academic institutions; the still marked, although very obsolete, vision of their academic training towards their position as programmers in companies or public agencies under an archaic collaboration model and highlights as one of their best options that of becoming entrepreneurs but unfortunately without the support, support and sufficient confidence to achieve consolidation.

As a new direction towards their professional development are the communities and ecosystems of technological innovation specialized in FOSS technologies; assuming Free Software as technologies that strengthen an open and collaborative knowledge society, highlighting the new FOSS technologies that are setting the standard as platforms for new lines of knowledge such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, bigdata and intelligent technologies.

There are huge successful models of FOSS communities that have developed and consolidated novel technologies; At the same time, large corporations and global technology leaders such as Google, IBM, Intel, Redhat among the most recognized, have bet their most trending technologies under the FOSS model and philosophy.

To complement this great FOSS scenario; Since the birth of the first version of the Linux Operating System and the creation of GNU Linux, very well-structured foundations have been consolidated to continue promoting Free Software but with the ability to be strengthened by companies, governments and organizations.

Globally recognized foundations include Linux Foundation, Gnome Foundation, Apache Software Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, Fedora Project, KDE Project, LibreOffice; All of these leading players in global technological development also require the talent, skills and knowledge of our specialized young people to continue developing incredible technological solutions.

Level of Difficulty Intermediate

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Mr Manuel Haro (Laboratorio de Software Libre)

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