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Our GUADEC 2020 Sponsors are looking for great candidates to fill their open positions. Take a look at the following listings and apply at the included links.


Red Hat


Web browser developer with focus on the WebKit stack

Job Description

At Igalia we are looking to hire a developer for our WebKit team¹, whose task will be to maintain and improve the WebKit browser engine, as well as libraries and related applications in the stack. WebKit is distributed in multiple ports. At Igalia we help maintain two official ports: WPE (the WebKit Port for Embedded) and WebKitGTK. WPE has been deployed on hundreds of millions of embedded devices.  WebKitGTK is used in multiple applications in the Gnome desktop.

Experience with C++ is desirable, but more importantly, a willingness to learn and problem-solving skills. Prior experience contributing to WebKit or any browser is a plus. Other relevant knowledge and experience that may prove useful for this position are web platform, multimedia, embedded devices, compilers, networking, or any type of systems programming.

About Igalia

At Igalia, most of our work is open source because we believe in software freedom. We contribute directly upstream to GStreamer, Mesa, Chromium/Blink, JavaScript Core, V8, WebKit, WPE, QEMU, Linux, among others. Our consultancy work consists in implementing features, fixing issues, and in general, helping our customers thrive using the free and open source technologies we know best.

We are remote friendly, and we have been so for several years now. There are Igalians working from 11 time zones, northern and southern hemisphere, multiple backgrounds and cultures. We welcome diversity.

Igalia is a worker-owned company with a flat structure, and which follows a cooperative model where Igalians participate in the decision-making process of the company.

View full listing at: https://www.igalia.com/jobs/browsers_webkit_position

Red Hat

Senior Manager, ServiceNow Platform Architecture & Support (Remote US)

Job Summary

The Red Hat IT team is looking for a Senior Manager to lead our ServiceNow Platform Architecture and Support team. In this role, you will manage a cross functional team of technical associates and work closely with your peers in the Service Management Office responsible for business engagement and delivery, strategy and innovation, and UI or UX. This team is part of the Service Management Office and is responsible for the health, operations, architecture, and upgrade of the ServiceNow platform. We are looking for a dynamic and energetic individual who can help mature our development practices, streamline development and upgrade releases, and ensure the evolution of the platform scales to meet growing demands across the enterprise. Successful applicants must reside in a state where Red Hat is registered to do business.

Primary Job Responsibilities 

  • Take ownership of the ServiceNow 
  • Be responsible for contract compliance and expense forecasting
  • Reconcile conflicts of priority related to platform health and maintenance upgrades against new functionality deployment 
  • Ensure the health and scalability of the ServiceNow platform 
  • Prepare and present platform health and roadmap presentations to senior IT leadership 
  • Ensure successful and maturing delivery of team responsibilities, including platform quality assurance, release management, platform and user support, technical development standards, architecture and design principles, platform access and security guidelines, upgrade strategy and process guidelines, integrations strategy, and platform monitoring 

View full listing at: https://red.ht/88126 


Senior Data Engineer (Remote US) 

Job Summary

If you want to help build a community of innovation dedicated to excellence, then join us on our journey as part of a best-in-class open source enterprise data and analytics team. The Red Hat Enterprise Data and Analytics (EDA) team is looking for a Senior Data Engineer to join us. In this role, you will design, develop, and test solutions for relevant business needs in an open and collaborative environment. You'll collaborate with Red Hat’s internal business stakeholders to enable data-driven decisions for managing the end-to-end life cycle of our offerings. As a Senior Data Engineer, you should be well-versed in Python data analysis, databases and data lakes, cloud computing, and API development concepts for a large modern data estate. You should have experience supporting critical production applications. Successful applicants must reside in a state where Red Hat is registered to do business. 

Red Hat’s Enterprise Data & Analytics team seeks customer-focused innovators who also value rapid delivery. We believe in collaboration, transparency, built-in quality, MVPs, and simplicity as a remedy for complexity. We look for people who apply critical thinking and welcome creative solutions. We challenge ourselves to modernize while at the same time building exceptional customer experiences with our products and services. We aren’t afraid to fail for the right reasons, but we never give up trying to exceed expectations. 

Primary Job Responsibilities 

  • Build end-to-end data pipelines to integrate multiple data sources ● Consume, design, and maintain REST APIs for data serving 
  • Design and develop views to support web app development and internal analytics solutions, including reporting and data science 
  • Support analytics model and data deployment for sales and channel partner business units 
  • Perform adequate unit test for applications developed and validate expected results 
  • Troubleshoot reported defects to determine the root cause 
  • Peer-review code created by team members 

View full listing at: https://red.ht/82825


OpenShift Technical Account Manager (Mexico City) 

Job Summary 

The Red Hat Customer Experience and Engagement (CEE) team is looking for an OpenShift Technical Account Manager to join us in Mexico City, Mexico. In this role, you will serve as a consistent technical point of contact, learning to understand the ongoing technology requirements of our customers. You'll cultivate highly personalized support relationships with customers and gain understanding of their IT infrastructures, internal processes, and overall business needs. You'll tailor support for the customer environments, advocate on their behalf, and facilitate collaboration with their other vendors. As an OpenShift Technical Account Manager, you will also help debug, quantify, and test issues escalated by customers for the entire family of solutions and you'll partner closely with associates in our Engineering R&D, Product Management, and Global Support teams to resolve issues and build relationships. 

Primary Job Responsibilities 

  • Support enterprise customers implementing automated and containerized cloud application platform solutions 
  • Learn new technologies quickly, including topics like container orchestration, container registries, container build strategies, and microservices on container platforms 
  • Perform technical reviews and share knowledge to proactively identify and prevent issues 
  • Gain understanding of customer technical infrastructures, hardware, and offerings and serve as a customer advocate within Red Hat 
  • Collaborate with the engineering, R&D, product management, and technical support teams 
  • Create documentation regarding customer issues and technical details on how to resolve them 
  • Manage and grow customer relationships by delivering attentive, relationship-based support 
  • Travel occasionally to visit regional customers 

View full listing at: https://red.ht/86528


Application Development Specialist Solutions Architect (Buenos Aires or Santiago) 

Job summary 

Serve as a technical expert and use your business insight to present executive lT leadership with a compelling business case to invest in the Red Hat Application Services solutions. The Office of Technology team is looking for an Application Development Specialist Solutions Architect to join us in Buenos Aires, Argentina or Santiago, Chile. In this role, you will support Red Hat Application Services and Red Hat OpenShift sales efforts. You'll collaborate with the Sales team and technical delivery teams to bring our customers the best solutions from across Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Application Services, including Red Hat Runtimes, Red Hat Integration, and Red Hat Process Automation solutions. As an Application Development Specialist Solutions Architect, you’ll need to have good communication and people skills, as you'll be a crucial part of the first major experience our customers have with Red Hat. 

Primary job responsibilities 

  • Present the complete Red Hat application and middleware portfolio to new customers 
  • Communicate between customers and Red Hat’s teams to shape decisions toward open source solutions 
  • Serve as a trusted adviser at the customer side and assist technology stakeholders in setting and delivering on expectations 
  • Define overall solutions architecture and manage specifications and deployment strategy for open source solutions 
  • Perform technical deep dives on individual Red Hat’s applications
  • Conduct compelling presentations and live demonstrations for Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP), Quarkus, Red Hat Data Grid, Red Hat Sign-On, Red Hat 3scale API Management, Red Hat Fuse, Red Hat AMQ, and Red Hat Process Automation 
  • Provide technical credibility to customers and partners 
  • Discover and analyze customer business and technical needs 
  • Take the lead in answering technical portions of requests for proposal (RFPs) and requests for information (RFIs)
  • Create and demonstrate proofs of technology and proofs of concepts
  • Collaborate with the business to evaluate goals, identify needs, and propose solutions using the whole portfolio of Red Hat’s solutions 
  • Architect, design, and present multiproduct solutions to customers
  • Support the Sales team with recommendations for development and implementation of complex solutions to achieve sales quotas 
  • Meet revenue goals and deployment and service objectives while sustaining good relationships with existing and prospective customers 
  • Create user stories and contribute to live demos 
  • Evangelize Red Hat’s solutions and provide relevant feedback to internal teams
  • Represent Red Hat in multiple technology and business forums
  • Work cross-functionally with Red Hat’s global teams to deliver on customer and account team expectations 

View full listing at: https://red.ht/87083