Jul 21 – 25, 2021 Online Event
UTC timezone

Keynote Speaker: Hong Phuc Dang

Jul 22, 2021, 3:00 PM
Keynote Presentation


Hong Phuc Dang (FOSSASIA)


Title: Solving world problems with open technologies

We need open source now, more than ever. Now is the time to foster global connections, knowledge exchange and cross-border collaboration. Only by working together can we make bigger strides in solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. People from around the world work together on open source projects. They show every day how a fruitful and successful collaboration on a global scale to the benefit of all is possible despite different views, personal and historical backgrounds and experiences. In this session, Hong Phuc Dang will speak about the state of open source software and hardware during the pandemic and building global solutions the open source way.

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