Jul 21 – 25, 2021 Online Event
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Whoops! Responding Thoughtfully to a Crisis

Jul 22, 2021, 5:40 PM
40 Minute Presentation


Deb Nicholson (Open Source Inititative)


When a project hits crisis mode, often things will start to move very fast. Thinking about how you want to respond to emergencies and how you want to be seen at the end of the fiasco is worth thinking and talking about in advance. This talk is for folks who suspect that one day it could be their turn to handle a crisis and want to be as prepared as possible when it finally happens.

Author(s) Bio

Deb Nicholson is a free software policy expert and a passionate community advocate. After years of local organizing on free speech, marriage equality, government transparency and access to the political process, she joined the free software movement in 2006. She is the General Manager at the Open Source Initiative which stewards the Open Source Definition and works to raise awareness and adoption of open source software. She’s won the O’Reilly Open Source Award and the Award for the Advancement of Free Software for her efforts to broaden the free software movement. She is also a founding organizer of the Seattle GNU/Linux Conference, an annual event dedicated to surfacing new voices and welcoming new people to the free software community. She lives with her husband and her lucky black cat in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Deb Nicholson (Open Source Inititative)

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