Jul 19 – 24, 2024
America/Denver timezone

Firefox/Wayland & Gtk - what's next?

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40 Minute Presentation - In Person Application Development and Deployment


Martin Stransky


Firefox has been using Gtk as a toolkit for long time. Recently it sticks with Gtk3 but it has some unresolved issues like missing resize support of xdg_positioner based popups, need to fiddle with popup hierarchy for independent popups, missing cursor scales, missing direct rendering to wl_surface / GdkWindow, multi-thread rendering to closed windows.

To solve such issues, may we backport needed changes to Gtk3, update Firefox to work with Gtk4, use Gtk for system integration operations only (load theme/setting) or leave Gtk toolkit at all?

Also Firefox defaulted to Wayland in version 121.0. Lets sum up how it works, what's user experience and feedback.

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Martin Stransky is Firefox developer paid by Red Hat, works on Firefox/Linux integration and maintains Firefox on Fedora.

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