Jul 19 – 24, 2024
America/Denver timezone

I control my own data! ...So, what exactly can I do with it?

Jul 19, 2024, 11:10 AM
444-LoRaine Good | Track 2

444-LoRaine Good | Track 2

40 Minute Presentation - In Person Privacy and Security


Nathan Willis


Data sovereignty is often touted as a key principle for ensuring user privacy in the age of always-connected Internet services: the ability to archive and export your information ensures that you cannot be held captive by a provider that falls short on ethics or security. The tricky bit comes when users attempt to unpack their data and put it to use. This talk examines the tools available to access common exported data sets with free software, with an emphasis on how the desktop Linux experience could provide a better and more integrated experience. Datasets examined include email, messaging, media, bookmarks and favorites from discussion forums, geolocation history, health records, contacts and calendars, and social media posts.

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Nathan Willis is a typeface designer and type researcher currently based in the UK.

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