Dec 1 – 3, 2023
Asia/Kathmandu timezone


Being involved with GNOME.Asia gives you a number of benefits. Do you use technologies like GStreamer or GTK? This is a great place to get involved in their development. Are you looking to hire? Showing commitment to open source helps you attract talented developers. If you want to promote your company, this is a way to have your logo seen across the world.

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GNOME Asia 2016 Group photo

Meet key contributors

GNOME.Asia is a great opportunity to meet contributors and users of one of the leading free and open-source technology platforms.  

GNOME Asia 2010 attendees

Influence product direction

Sponsoring and attending GNOME.Asia not only gives you advance information on GNOME’s plans for the coming year but provides you with a voice in shaping them.

GNOME Asia 2019 attendees holding shoes

Access technical talent

Experienced developers from around the globe attend GNOME.Asia. Meet business partners who can help you achieve your technical goals. 

GNOME Asia attendees looking at laptop

Encourage technology adoption

GNOME.Asia has been a site for product launches, and a great place to encourage developers to use new technologies.


GNOME Asia social event group photo

Contribute to the development of GNOME technologies

Help the development of new features and components. GNOME.Asia hosts planning and coding sessions, as well as technology and interoperability meetings.

GNOME Asia 2017 group photo

Give back to free and open-source software

You’ll be recognized not only as a sponsor of GNOME.Asia, but also as a supporter of free software, the GNOME project, and the ideals on which these are founded.

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