Nov 24 – 26, 2020
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Explore graphic design with Inkscape

Nov 25, 2020, 5:15 PM
Track 1

Track 1
25 minutes presentation


Ms Islahatun Nufusi


Graphic design is the art of solving communication problems through a combination of graphics such as shapes, lines, colors, and so on. The purpose of graphic design itself is to explain how to communicate and can be measured through visual media by using images as a facility to convey information or messages as clearly as possible. Generally, people will more easily receive messages in the form of visual images than in the form of text. Visual forms are also more universally captured by the human eye to share different backgrounds. Graphic design was initially applied to media, such as books, magazines, and brochures. Also, along with the times, graphic design is applied in electronic media, which is often referred to as interactive design or multimedia design. The boundaries of dimensions have also changed as thinking about design has evolved. Graphic design can be applied to spatial environmental design. Now there is much graphic design software that can support the creation of graphic designs with bitmap or vector graphics depending on your needs. We need to realize that in the world of IT, making software is very difficult so that the software we use has a license that we don't want to pay to appreciate the software maker, many of us use paid software but many of us are students or beginners who are new to the software. software for study or small business purposes has difficulty paying for licenses so they try to find pirated software and use cracks as a shortcut to use the software without having to pay. But there is don’t worry about licensing problems, there is still a lot of open-source software to overcome this problem, meaning that by using open source software we don't have to worry about the license that has to be paid. One of them is an open-source vector graphic design software, namely Inkscape. Inkscape is a software or software that is Open Source or free under the GNU GPL license. Inkscape when compared to Vector graphics on Windows such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape is a Cross-Platform software which means it can run on various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and MAC OS. Inkscape's features meet the standard XML graphics tool, SVG. For the usual level of use, Inkscape is sufficient for the features it has. The Inkscape application has a friendly interface, display and some of the Inkscape tools are not much different from other vector software, such as other vector software which has a canvas, toolbox, control tools, menu bar, command bar, scroll bar, ruler, status bar, color palette, snaps bar, so for beginners or those who want to switch to Inkscape, you don't need to worry when using it for the first time, you just need to adjust it because of the different placement of tools and sections. Inkscape's elegant appearance makes it easy for us to create design projects and in Inkscape, it is smart at hiding complexity (not many tools appear). Another advantage of Inkscape is that this light file size has a very positive impact on our hard drive and doesn't take up much space. This also allows Inkscape to be installed on computers that have low hardware specifications and do not require special specifications. View Documents, unlike other software, to view the resulting document files you need to open the program directly. Inkscape document files can be viewed in the Web Browser Software on your computer because the files generated by Inkscape are SVGs that meet XML standards. so it's no wonder it can be opened in a Web browser software like Google Chrome. The format used by Inkscape is SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), this is often used by web developers as the image format used because SVG is an open format, the specifications are clear and with good compatibility with many applications. On average everyone can read SVG. Even commercial software that does vector graphics can read SVGs. And in Inkscape, if we experience a response note problem and suddenly the system tells us to close the software, our project will be automatically saved, although it is still advisable to save the project periodically. Of the several advantages of Inkscape that have been described, many things are gained and there is no need to worry now that many people have contributed to making Inkscape tutorials that can be seen on the internet.

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Author(s) Bio Hi, My name is Muslihatun Nufusi, I am a student at a private university in Serang - Banten, namely the University of Banten Jaya. My hobby is drawing so I am currently active in the art world, especially in the world of graphic design,

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