21-25 July 2021 Online Event
UTC timezone

Local Transportation

Airport to Accommodation

The airport is located outside the city, approximately 25 km away.

  • Taxi: Fees may vary from 15€ to 20€, depending on the location of the hotel. We recommend staying in the hotels that we have proposed in downtown area. Fee to this area is around 17€.

  • There will be a pair of buses scheduled to the convenience of most attendees. This transportation option will be offered completely free, and the destination will be in downtown Zacatecas.

Accommodation to Venue

The venue is around 5-30 minutes away from downtown area, depending on your choice of transportation.

  • Taxi: Local taxis charge around 2€ to 3€ and can be found with ease in most part of downtown. The livery for the taxis is a white car with red numbers and red letters.

  • Bus: Local buses are the cheapest way to get around town, there are only two bus routes to the venue, Route 8(Orange Stripe) and Route 7(Marron Stripe). Both routes can be boarded in Av. J. Jesus de Gonzalez Ortega and charge $8.50MXN (around 0.40€)

  • Apps: You can use apps such as Uber and DiDi in Zacatecas.

  • Walk: If you want to enjoy a walk to the venue, downtown is around 15 to 30 minutes depending on how may times you stop to enjoy the sites.